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Business Bankruptcy

Often times, a small business can greatly benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gives the business time to reorganize and keep necessary assets, income flow, and significantly lower or completely extinguish debt. At the Law Offices of Sheila Esmaili, we can help you find the debt relief that you need. We are dedicated to resolving the specific issues for clients dealing with the complexities and fallout of bad economic times. Attorney Sheila Esmaili is recognized throughout Southern California for her knowledge and proficiency in business bankruptcy. 

The Law Offices of Sheila Esmaili represents various businesses in bankruptcy proceedings, and can help determine the best debt relief options available to you and your business. When your business is faced with debts that are piling up, bankruptcy is an option that may be able to help you save your business and property, stop harassment from debt collectors and provide a fresh start to your financial future. Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy have helped thousands of businesses and business owners throughout Southern California from debt in an effective way.

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